Turf Screens

Protect Your Artificial Turf From Melting

Don’t run the risk of your artificial turf melting! Keep your turf looking good and safe from the harmful sun reflection. Serving Orange County, San Diego, Temecula, and surrounding areas.

Our Services & Benefits

Turf Screen Benefits

Turf Screen Benefits

  • Custom solutions to fit ANY window
  • Sun reflection reduced up to 75%
  • Fade & weather resistant
  • Variety of frame colors to match your home
  • Easy removal for window cleaning
Save Your Turf From Melting

Save Your Turf From Melting

Don’t invest thousands of dollars on artificial turf without protecting your investment from the sun!

Sun reflecting off your home's windows can reach over 200 degrees causing your artificial turf to melt in a matter of minutes!

Why Does Turf Melt?

Why Does Turf Melt?

Artificial turf can melt when sunlight is reflected off windows and the heat is concentrated onto the surface of the turf. This phenomenon, known as the "magnifying glass effect," happens when the glass acts as a lens, focusing the sunlight into a concentrated beam.

About Turf Screens

Turf Screens is the leader for artificial turf protection in Southern California. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products & exceptional customer service to protect your turf! Our screens are designed to offer superior protection against the suns reflection & removable for window cleaning. Turf Screens is family-owned & operated and based in Mission Viejo.

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